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Innovaccer • Data Activation Platform 

Rethinking Innovaccer’s in-house ETL platform to accelerate data activation


DAP (Data Activation Platform) is Innovaccer's in-house ETL platform. It enables patient data integration from multiple sources, standardisation into a unified data model, and activation of that data to power up apps and dashboards.

For any B2B organisation, reducing the cost and time of delivering services to each customer is crucial for reaching more customers. At Innovaccer, activating customer data is the most time-consuming and costly aspect of the customer lifecycle.

This created the opportunity: 
HMW reduce the time to activate customer data?

My Role

Designed the NorthStar experience to identify P0 epics.


4 Product Designers, 3 Product Managers, and 18 Developers.


Dec 2022 - Mar 2023,
Launced GA in Oct 2023.

To reduce data activation time, I:

  • Understood the existing user and data journey.

  • Identified gap themes across product and process areas.

  • Created an ideal end-to-end journey (DAP NorthStar) based on the learnings:

  • Validated the ideal journey with users, SMEs, and leadership to identify P0 items.

  • Led a team of 3 designers to ship P0 items.

Introducing DAP NorthStar, a reenvisioned experience on how multiple journeys (data, product, and user) combine to create a user-first data platform.

  • Collect customer metadata within the platform.

  • Use the metadata to power up the data engineer’s journey.

  • Create wizard-like experiences to run ETLs.

    • Run data quality as part of the ETL to avoid reingestion.

    • Use AI to validate data queries.

  • Enable data observability natively.


Reduction in time to activate customer data



Manual steps automated using metadata and wizards

Get in touch to know more about the process, learnings, and impact.

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