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Innovaccer • Healthcare Cloud

Enabling developers to create apps: Innovaccer Developer Platform

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Innovaccer, a strong player in the US enterprise healthcare market, wanted to increase customer value without constraints on execution. Therefore, strategically, it made sense for Innovaccer to open up its healthcare cloud platform to external developers to use Innovaccer APIs and services to build healthcare-specific apps.

This created the opportunity: HMW enable external developers to build and sell healthcare-focused solutions on Innovaccer Health Cloud?

My Role

Led the design along with another designer. Worked closely with Content, Product, and Engineering teams to build a robust developer ecosystem.


2 Product Designers, 2 Product Managers, and 10 Developers.


Mar - Sep 2022,
Launched the beta in Dec 2022.

To enable external developers, I:

  • Met 6 partner developer teams to map their journey and identify their needs.

  • Worked with PMs and EMs to determine how the existing platform can be made public for an MVP.

  • Ran a UAT exercise with partner developers on a hi-fi Figma prototype.

  • Aligned all the stakeholders on the validated user journey.

  • Onboarded another designer to the project to ship designs faster.

Introducing Innovaccer Developer Platform, where a developer can access APIs and services, test their apps, and distribute them to customers.

  • Developers can create two kinds of apps:

    • API-based: An external web or mobile app built solely using Innovaccer Data/Service APIs.

    • Add-on: An application or feature built for Innovaccer Ecosystem Apps, such as Chat, Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient Search, and more.

  • To develop an app, a developer needs to:

    • Gain access to Innovaccer APIs.

    • Code the app using their own IDE (Offline).

    • Test and publish the app on the marketplace.

  • A developer ecosystem to support developers with documentation, design system, and training.

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Developers onboarded (Beta)



Apps published

Get in touch to know more about the process, learnings, and impact.

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