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Jupiter • User Onboarding

Bank account in 3 minutes: Opening a Jupiter account

Let’s be very honest: Opening a bank account isn’t a fun game. Banks will ask you things even your prospective spouse won’t ask. Indian banks have many verification processes, such as KYC, HKYC, FKYC, and so on, which may take from a few minutes to a few days to complete. At Jupiter, we wanted to reimagine the onboarding journey to make it shorter and more fun.

This created the opportunity: HMW make the account opening journey (onboarding) for Jupiter easy to understand, frictionless, and fun?

My Role

Designed the end-to-end onboarding and payment experiences. Worked closely with the Product and Compliance teams to craft a trustworthy and straightforward banking journey.


1 Product Designer, 1 Motion Designer, 1 Graphics Designer, 1 Product Manager, and 5 Developers.


May - Jun 2021.
Launched in July 2021.

To make the account opening journey easy, fun, and frictionless, I:

  • Understood all the RBI guidelines for EKYC.

  • Refactored the existing onboarding journey to fit the compliance needs.

  • Worked closely with the Banking Product Manager to understand the failure edge cases.

  • Collaborated with a UX Writer to define the in-app copy.

  • Ideated and shipped the user-invite flow from scratch.

  • Onboarded a motion designer to create rich Lottie animations.

  • Created a separate design hand-off document to help FE developers.

Introducing Jupiter Onboarding Journey, a guided bank account journey enables users to open a bank account in under 5 minutes. It was achieved by:

  • Alluring and intuitive illustrations and UX copy.

  • Transparent communication around why users must fill in specific details and how Jupiter and the banking partner will use those details.

  • Pre-fill long forms wherever possible based on the available public user data (via Aadhaar and PAN).

    • ​Only asking for the necessary details and skipping optional ones.

  • Integrating bank authentication (3rd-party vendors) within the app.

  • Improving perceived performance by using contextual animations to mask lengthy background API calls.



Accounts Opened



Deposited in Accounts

Jupiter Account Design.webp

To know more about the process, learnings, and impact read here

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