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Ola • Online Food Ordering

Making food more appetising: A behind-the-scenes look at how food is made to look delicious

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Ola Foods is the food-tech vertical of the Ola group, which operates around 50+ cloud kitchens across the country. Catering to tier 1 and 2 cities with a presence in various food categories like Khichadi, Pizza, etc., are all available on Zomato and Swiggy. Initially, each brand was treated separately on these platforms, with distinct imagery and branding. Integrating all brands under one app revealed inconsistencies and challenges.

This created the opportunity: HMW distinguish the same food SKUs on the Ola Foods app v/s Swiggy and Zomato?

My Role

Led the integration of Ola Foods PWA in the main Ola app and worked closely with Marketing and Category teams to ensure the branding was correct.


1 Product Designer, 1 Creative Designer, 1 Category Manager, 1 Product Manager, and 5 Developers.


Jan - Mar 2021.

To distinguish SKUs on the Ola Foods app:

I wanted to establish a common visual thread that ties all the brands together while respecting their personalities and characteristics. This way, customers can easily recognize that they're part of the same family while appreciating each brand's diversity and uniqueness.

I broke the solution into two phases:

Phase 1: Retouching and reframing the existing images.

 overhead shots​ 

 3/4 shots​ 

Phase 2: Commissioning photoshoots to generate quality images and videos tailored for the Ola Foods app.
I swiftly implemented the first phase. However, obtaining budget approval for commissioning photoshoots presented a challenge. To justify the need for a photoshoot, I outlined its importance and the value that exceptional imagery can bring to customer delight. I presented this case to the design and marketing leadership, ultimately securing approval for one photoshoot to build POC.


 shoot prepration 

Shoot prep_edited.png
Shoot prep-1_edited.jpg
Shoot prep-2_edited.jpg

The shoot was too much fun, from scouting the kitchen location to finalising the plating to hand modelling for a few shots.

 output - still (raw) 

620A3549 1.jpg
Bowlsome-raw-4 1.jpg
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